Stuck with a disaster in your yard? Hedge trimmings, fallen branches, leaves, dead bushes, and other sorts of yard debris can easily turn a once-beautiful lawn into a disaster. Fortunately, with yard debris removal from Bay Hauling, it doesn’t have to be your problem.

Bay Hauling Junk Removal employees removing the yard debris

Yard Maintenance Pros
We’re the Vallejo-based pros for any and all junk removal services. Our team is happy to haul away all those yard scraps for you. They’ll all go into the back of our truck, and all you’ll have to do is pay a reasonable price for our services. Save yourself the trouble of doing it yourself. We’re here to help!

Brush Removal, Landscape Cleanup, and More…
Our full-service yard debris removal has our team do all the hard work so you don’t have to. Watch as our uniformed team makes quick work of whatever’s cluttering up your yard. Before long, you won’t even realize your yard was a mess to begin with.

Upfront Quotes
Whether it’s brush removal, landscape cleanup, or something else you need, we’re happy to help. Just accept our upfront quote on your appointment day, and we can start our work right away. After you’ve approved a quote, the price is “locked in”—meaning no hidden fees!