Ways To Organize An Attic

Organizing your attic doesn’t have to be difficult or a dreaded chore! Whether you need somewhere to store seasonal items or just want to declutter your living space a bit.

The first step with attic organization is clearing out the entire space! Everything that’s currently in your attic should come out so you can see what you have. Using the decluttering method of your choice, you can decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Consider selling, donating, or trashing items you no longer need!

>Install Lighting

Having good lighting is important for attic organization because it can help you find your items quicker and easier—that way, you’re not fumbling around in the dark! You can install attic lighting with pendant lights, recessed lighting, or even motion-detected lighting to help illuminate your attic as you walk in.

>Take Care of Pests

When cleaning and organizing your attic, be sure to check for pests to make sure nothing is hiding that could potentially damage your belongings. Bring in an expert to do a thorough sweep, too. While you may be able to get rid of some smaller critters on your own, if there are any dangerous pests like raccoons or bats in your attic, a pest control specialist will be able to create a game plan for removing them safely and preventing future animals from getting inside.

>Check for Structural Issues

Before you begin moving items into your attic for storage, you’ll want to look for any structural issues like roof leaks and ventilation problems. That way, you can prevent damage to your stored belongings. Another thing you’ll want to assess is the temperature of your attic. Items like photos and electronics shouldn’t be kept in extreme temperatures, so you may need to install some type of climate control in your attic, such as a window unit or dehumidifier.

>Brace Floors Before Storing Items

If you have an unfinished attic and plan to store heavy items, placing them on any non-weight bearing surface can be dangerous and cause serious damage like floor collapse.

Instead of trying to refinish the attic space with new floors, add some plywood or attic deck flooring that can easily rest on beams and help displace weight accordingly!

>Store Items in Clear Plastic Bins

When it comes to attic storage, placing items in clear plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes will make finding what you need simpler. Plastic bins are sturdier, easier to see into, and provide a better long-term storage solution. Plus, since they’re typically air-tight, plastic bins keep dust and grime away, and they prevent moisture from getting into your items, which is important when it comes to preventing mold.

>Hang Smaller Items

Hanging up items like wreaths, clothing, outdoor lights, and more can make them easier to access and keep your shelves open for larger items. Add wall hooks into wooden beams or walls. You could even consider adding ceiling hooks if you want to maximize your attic storage space, too!

Installing a pegboard to hang additional items up on the walls will help open up the floor space. Consider adding a dresser or shelving to help storage seasonal items.

>Clean Your Attic Regularly

Cleaning your storage areas on a regular basis is key to keeping away clutter! Go through and reevaluate your belongings to see if there’s anything you can get rid of. Dust, sweep, or vacuum nooks and crannies. And do another check for pests just in case!

These are just a few tips to utilize your attic space if all else fails and you decide you do not need the extra space Bay Hauling can help dispose of your unwanted items today!

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