Junk Removal Services in Brentwood

Located 55 miles inland from San Francisco, Brentwood is historically known for its agricultural products like cherries and corn. Over the years, however, the city has seen tremendous growth- more specifically, a 287% population increase over 22 years. Since the 90s, Brentwood has experienced urban sprawl as many neighborhoods replaced orchards and farms. At Bay Hauling, we want to provide a much-needed service while protecting the environment. That’s why we offer full-service junk removal services in Brentwood! Our handy team of experts tackles all junk pick-up, loading, disposal, and even cleanup to save you the trouble.

Need an old appliance removed? Or a commercial property cleaned out? It doesn’t matter what kind of junk you need removed, we got you covered. After all, we specialize in a long list of services that were designed to fit residential and commercial needs! Our hauling services are available every day of the week as well, so you can always count on us. Contact us today!

Old Couch Removal in Brentwood
One of our junk removal services in Brentwood that’s consistently in high demand is couch removal. With couches being so heavy and bulky, it’s simply not safe to haul them without the right assistance or tools. Luckily, our team of handy folks cover all the hauling, removal, and disposal safely for you! Additionally, we have the ability to give back to the community through donating. If your couch is in a usable condition, we’ll drop it off at a Habitat for Humanity or other center near you! Just book your haul-away service, approve our quote, and let us take over.

At that point, our friendly team will work together using their muscles to lift your couch out of your space and onto one of our trucks. Then, they’ll confirm with you that all your unwanted junk has been removed. Finally, they’ll sweep up any dirt and dust on your floor, receive your payment, and thank you for your business! And from there, haulers head to the proper disposal facility, depending on your sofa’s condition. Although we always make sure to dispose of everything responsibly, we can’t donate just anything. If your couch is overused or damaged, we’ll do our best to recycle it! With the help of our connections with bulk item recycling facilities, we can put the majority of the materials in your couch to reuse. That goes for any wood, metal, and even some fabrics!