How To Properly Dispose of Wood Chips

Wood chips, which can be a byproduct of tree removal or pruning or can be purchased for a garden or landscaping project, can be both a valuable resource and a potential nuisance in your outdoor space.

Using wood chips wisely
Before we discuss disposal options, let’s briefly recap some of the ways you can use wood chips or mulch effectively in your outdoor spaces.

>Erosion control: Wood chips stabilize soil on slopes, reducing erosion and runoff.
>Mulch for weed control: They function as a natural mulch, suppressing weeds, conserving soil moisture, and regulating soil temperature.
>Pathways and aesthetics: Wood chips create attractive, functional pathways and add a rustic touch to your landscape.
>Soil improvement: They help improve soil structure and nutrient content as they decompose, enhancing overall soil health.
If you’ve used wood chips for one of these projects and have too much left over, it’s time to get creative to get rid of them.

What to do with excess wood chips
Leftover wood chips can take up valuable space, attract pests, and simply be an eyesore. Here are a few ideas on what to do with your leftover wood chips:

>Contact recycling centers

>Give them away

>Let them disintegrate naturally

>Market to online sites

>Protect a playground

>Use for composting

>Hire a professional

If the wood chips are infested with mold or some other plant disease, place the chips in paper biodegradable bags and dispose of them in the landfill instead of moving them to another part of the yard.

If you are going to install new wood chips, leave the weed barrier in place instead of removing it.

You have a range of choices for dealing with excess wood chips responsibly. Whether you decide to share them with your community, explore recycling opportunities, or hire professional services, you can ensure that your surplus wood chips find new life and purpose while keeping your outdoor space neat and well-maintained. Contact Bay Hauling today! We can easily take the stress away and properly remove the wood chips from your property.

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