How to have a stress-free moving experience

Moving can be a stressful and hectic experience, but it doesn’t have to be! There are some easy ways that you can make moving easier at each step of the process. Whether you need help preparing for a move, organizing the actual moving day, or making your new house feel like a home, we’ve got you covered!

How to Prepare for Moving Day

The more prepared you are for moving day, the better. If you can declutter and get rid of some unwanted items before you move, that means fewer things will need to be packed and unpacked.

Check out the six steps you can take before you move to declutter and set yourself up for moving success.

  1. Start early!
    You can start sorting your unwanted items into purge piles before you even list your home. The earlier you start the easier the whole process will be.
  2. Set aside enough time
    Aim to spend an hour or two planning and then an additional two or three hours per room to declutter and clean. Make sure to plan to spend time on outdoor spaces too; sheds, outdoor play areas and living spaces are often forgotten until the last minute.
  3. Clean out your closets
    Set aside any clothes you haven’t worn in a year or more. Realistically if you haven’t worn it since last year, you probably never will! If the clothing pieces are still in good condition, pass them on to friends and family or to your local donation center. Anything you decide to keep, sort by seasonality or by category so it’s easier for you to organize when you move into your new home.
  4. Dig into storage rooms
    If there’s something that’s been sitting in a box for years, don’t take it with you to your new place, as it will just contribute to clutter. Instead, get rid of it or donate it!
  5. Get rid of large items
    Do you have old furniture or bulky items you don’t use anymore? You don’t want to pay movers extra to transport something you already know you won’t need. Plan to get rid of these before moving day so you aren’t left with the task the day of.
  6. Haul it away
    Once you’ve sorted everything you want to get rid of call Bay Hauling and we can send your junk packing! Moving already takes up a lot of time, so let us help you clear out those unwanted items so you can focus on other important aspects of the move.

How to Make Moving Day Stress Free
On moving day, there might be some unexpected tasks that pop up and could derail your positive moving experience. However, with these four moving day tips you’ll be prepared for whatever gets thrown your way!

  1. Pick the right day to move
    Select a moving day that gives you enough time to get the job done! Weekends are ideal as you’ll have less scheduling conflict and can recruit your family or friends for help if needed. Consider taking the following Monday off work to give yourself more time to unpack and get settled.
  2. Do a final walkthrough of your old home
    Before you say goodbye to your property, do a walk through after all the boxes have been piled up in the moving truck to make sure you haven’t missed anything. This is beneficial for two reasons, if you’ve forgotten something of value you can still bring it with you, and if there’s anything you don’t plan on bringing into your new home you can set it aside for removal or donation.
  3. Set aside large oversized furniture
    Between your initial decluttering and moving day, chances are you still needed to live in the home you’re moving out of. Due to this, some regularly used items, like your couch, might have not been included in your original purge. If you know that some pieces of furniture won’t be able to fit in your new home or maybe they just aren’t your style anymore, set them aside to ensure they don’t accidentally get moved to your new home. There’s no point in paying movers to transport something that you already know you won’t use!
  4. Have junk removal on standby
    You’re already juggling so many things on moving day, so don’t have junk removal be one of them! At Bay Hauling we can help save your move by getting rid of any unwanted items. Oftentimes we can give same day service to help with any last minute moving day emergencies! Article Source