How To Dispose of Old Tires

Burning rubber is a quick way to create junk. When it’s time to buy new tires, your old tires quickly turn from useful car parts to giant, piles of rubber junk.

Although old tires can be reused as swings, gardening planters, and construction project materials, most people tend to stuff old tires into a corner of their garage or leave them by the trash bins. However, old and waste tires are usually not accepted in regular waste services – meaning you may never even see them leave your yard. Don’t let those waste and scrap tires get in your way or become an environmental hazard!

Recycling is the most proper way to dispose of your tires. Here are some of the best ways to handle used tire disposal:

1.) Take the old tires to a general or specialized tire recycling facility.
2.) Leave your old tires with a retailer.
3.) Drop your old tires off with a tire shop for a fee.
4.) Take part in a hard-to-recycle community collection event.
5.) Call a tire disposal service to pick up your old tires and have them taken away to a recycling center.
OR Don’t waste time looking for a recycling facility or opportunity to get rid of your rubber junk. Call Bay Hauling today! We would love to answer any questions regarding removal of your old tires!

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