Eviction Cleanouts

After an eviction, you might be stuck with a previous tenant’s mess. If a tenant leaves belongings behind, you might want to get in touch with Bay Hauling for the eviction cleanouts you need. We can be there fast, because we know you might need cleanup ur

Once we arrive, we’ll assess all the junk you want hauled away and give you our quote.
Approve this quote, and our team starts hauling. We’ll take it all out to our truck.
As we wrap up, we’ll double-check to make sure we got everything and even sweep up.
Lastly, we’ll process you payment, then truck the junk away for recycling, donation, and disposal.

If a tenant left furniture behind, you might worry about an expensive bill for our services. Don’t worry. Even for larger jobs, you’ll be charged a fair, volume-based price that scales based on the amount of junk hauled.

Our all-inclusive quotes lay out all the charges that make up the final price, so you won’t deal with any nasty surprises, such as hidden fees.
We won’t begin our work until you’ve approved our price. Once you do, it’s permanent, thus representing what you’ll pay at the end of the appointment.
We cost less than the franchises! Our bigger trucks save costly trips to the dump, and we also don’t have to charge you more to afford pricey franchise fees.