American Canyon Little League: Community Outreach

Supporting Our Little League

Baseball, which has been described as “America’s favorite pastime”, is fun to watch and even more fun to play. It’s not just a sport for adults, either. Baseball is enjoyed by children all across the country. It’s no different here in the East Bay Area. For example, you can find our community’s kids pitching, batting, and scoring home runs with the American Canyon Little League. At Bay Hauling, we think it’s great that our children are having fun outside, getting exercise, and making fun memories with each other. That’s why we sponsor the Little League so they can keep doing what they do best!

In fact, the owner of our business has his own children play in the Little League. To say that he enjoys himself when attending their baseball games would be an understatement. “I love sports,” he said. “I watch my kids play and other children play. I love it! Community sports, kids—you can’t really go wrong when you’re involved with stuff like that.” However, our local business’s support of the American Canyon Little League goes beyond just cheering for our owner’s kids. It’s also a way that we can give back to the community. The Bay Area has given us the chance to grow and be the best business we can possibly be. We’d be mistaken to not try to repay the favor!

child receiving baseball

Fun and Prizes During the Game

The Little League needs money to operate, and that’s where the help of a charitable business comes in. However, we want to do more than just provide the team with some cash. We want to be there, cheering the players on by the sidelines, and have a little bit of fun, too. So that’s exactly what we do by setting up our own little booth at team events.

When we show up at these events, we have an opportunity to tell the kids ourselves about the great job they’ve been doing out on the ballfield. In addition, we also offer fun games for the children to play. Who can resist a round of cornhole or can-knock-down? There are even opportunities to win fun prizes! Tee shirts, plushies, and even snacks!

Our public booth is a great way for us to interact with the community, to learn more about the community, and for the community to learn more about us. Of course, we also get to watch baseball—and who doesn’t like watching a great game of baseball?

Hauling Junk and Supporting Our Community

Any business owes something to its community. Not all businesses give back, but we think it's our responsibility to. Among all the companies that give to charity, though, it's not every day you'll see one in attendance at a baseball game!

Maybe one of the reasons we like baseball is because it's good, clean fun. Of course, making things good and clean is what we do best as a junk removal company. With baseball, there's no "junk" involved. It's all about sportsmanship, doing your best, and having a great time. We think these are all great things for our children to experience. Let's support the American Canyon Little League together so its participants can continue knocking it out of the park!

There are many other ways we give back to the community in addition to this. This marks the first of our Community Outreach blogs, and we are excited to share more with you in the future. To the East Bay Area, we say thank you for everything you do for us. Every opportunity we have to give back, you can expect us to step up to the plate!


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